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Other non-railway items (N)

FA222208 Country Fire Station (N)

Built: Period 3 (1946 - 1977) With door that can be opened, hose-drying tower and framing parts. Kitset is a mix of pre-painted plastic, special printed card and some wooden parts.

Price: NZ$ 37.25

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FA222209 Fire brigade engine house (N)

Built: Period 2 (1921 - 1945). That massive fire-engine house offers shelter to fire-fighting vehicles and appliances, but can also be used as repair shop. The facade made of natural stones clearly contrasts with three red folding doors with...

Price: NZ$ 26.25

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FA222410 Airship - Goodyear (N)

Pre-decorated, plastic model kitset. From period 3 (1946 - 1977) Model of a blimp type »GZ-20a« from the legendary Goodyear fleet, with grey gondola and grey hull featuring the »Goodyear« logotype as well as blue stabilising fins.

Price: NZ$ 38.50

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FA222411 Airship -Wicküler (N)

Pre-decorated, plastic model kitset. From period 3 (1946 - 1977) Pioneers of civil aeronautics. Non-rigid airship with grey gondola and grey hull featuring the logotype of Dortmund »Wicküler« brewery as well as red stabilizing fins.

Price: NZ$ 38.50

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FA232213 Administrative building. (N)

Built: Period 1 (1880 - 1920) Imposing two-storey administrative building with brick facade and a sumptuous front featuring pilasters, ornamental reliefs and porticos at the corners of the lower part.

Price: NZ$ 32.75

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FA232225 Small Market Garden (N)

Epoch II. With two glasshouses and 3 hotbeds.

Price: NZ$ 23.75

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FA232233 Barn (N)

Built: Period 2. (1921 - 1945) Very picturesque barn for animals Winter housing, storage of feedstuffs and farming tools.

Price: NZ$ 29.90

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FA232242 Moated castle (N)

Pre- period 1. (1880 - 1920) A great tourist attraction for your layout. The base of this castle contains a moat that surrounds the entire complex.

Price: NZ$ 40.50

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FA232250 Windmill (N)

The sails may be driven by motor #180629 (not included) Epoch II

Price: NZ$ 35.90

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FA232251 Wind Powered Generator (N)

Epoch IV. 'Nordex', 3 - blade model.

Price: NZ$ 47.25

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FA232270 St. Martin's Gate (N)

From pre-period 1 (1880 - 1920). The original of this model is in Freiburg (Breisgau). The townhouse next to the tower, is part of the kitset, but may be used separately if so required. The dials of the clocks (2), can be illuminated from within...

Price: NZ$ 63.25

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FA232284 Old City Gate. (N)

From pre-period 1. (1880 - 1920) An interesting combination of buildings for the romantic part of town. From the mediaeval times when towns had to defend themselves from brigands NOTE: Kit comprises the tower and the adjoining building to the...

Price: NZ$ 45.75

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FA232316 Mangturm tower - Lindau (N)

Built: pre-Period 1. The five-story lighthouse was erected as defensive tower at the harbor entrance around 1200 on the southernmost end of the city’s fortifications. But at the same time it also served as landmark for mariners.

Price: NZ$ 56.25

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FA232351 Old-town Wall (N)

From the middle ages. Designed to be used for extension of old city wall. May also be used with FA232352 - Old-town Peel Towers This building kit contains: 43 single parts in 3 colours and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ$ 22.50

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FA232352 Old-town Peel Towers (N)

From pre-period 1 (1880 - 1920) To be used as wall-ends and for linking old-town wall parts. One peel tower each of 45 deg. and 90 deg.

Price: NZ$ 31.25

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FA232353 Old-town walls with stairs (N)

Built: Before period 1 (1880 - 1920) Add-on set for the popular town wall module (FA232351, FA232352), with stone stairs to reach the roofed parapet walk of the fortification. (Kit does not include displayed peel towers.)

Price: NZ$ 20.50

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FA232354 Old-town walls with stairs (N)

Built: Before period 1 (1880 - 1920) Old-town tower built on a square base, with passage for traffic and overhanging crown made of real timber under a four-sided pointed roof.

Price: NZ$ 37.25

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FA232355 Old town-wall set (N)

Built: Before period 1 (1880 - 1920) Set of old-town wall including a fortification tower rendered in white and featuring angle ashlars, narrow windows and a pointed roof along with three adjacent elements allowing the construction of an old-town...

Price: NZ$ 81.25

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FA272441 Garden chairs and tables (N)

24 garden chairs and 6 tables

Price: NZ$ 9.90

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FA272533 Market Stands and Carts (N)

From: Period 3 (1946 - 1977) A selection of items including a hot dog stand

Price: NZ$ 15.75

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FA272534 Bus Stop Shelter (N)

Timber construction. (Epoch III)

Price: NZ$ 22.90

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FA272536 Street booths. (N)

Period 3. Small-scale fruit and vegetable sales from crates, which animates the farm and street scene. Sacks, tables and umbrellas are included in the accessories.

Price: NZ$ 18.50

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KI37106 'Schiller' school (N)

Three-storeyed school.

Price: NZ$ 33.15

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KI37300 Lighthouse with keeper's Accomodation. (N)

Lighthouse with keepers' accomodation and land base.

Price: NZ$ 36.50

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