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Churches (N)

FA232239 Chapel 'St. Bernard' (N)

With small bell-tower. Epoch II

Price: NZ$ 37.25

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FA232244 Village Church (N)

Epoch III. With onion 'dome' (seen frequently in Alpine regions) and surrounding wall.

Price: NZ$ 37.25

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FA232263 Chapel 'Sils Maria' (N)

Epoch I. A beautiful little chapel for a mountain area. Slate roof. The bell in the tower is free-swinging. The original of this church is in Switzerland.

Price: NZ$ 19.90

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FA232271 Town Church (N)

Built: Period 1 (1880 - 1920) Large, twin-spired town church. Has spires and onion-tower elements and tower crosses and spires from which to choose.

Price: NZ$ 91.50

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FA232314 Village church (N)

Built: Period 1 (1880 - 1920) Idyllic village church with small gable roof and a steeple on one side with square lantern and slender spire.

Price: NZ$ 26.25

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FA232526 Church. (N)

Built: Period 1. (1880 - 1920) With white plaster walls and a grey, slate roof NOTE: This is part of a special series of low-priced models for 'N' enthusiasts.

Price: NZ$ 18.25

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KI37025 Church 'Siegtaldom' (N)

Large, city church.

Price: NZ$ 54.50

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KI37027 Church 'Schanbach' (N)

Country church.

Price: NZ$ 24.90

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KI37031 Village church in Sertig (N)

Small, village church. This is a model of an actual church in the village of Sertig, Switzerland.

Price: NZ$ 14.25

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KI37032 Church 'Wassen' (N)

Small, village church. This one is on the famous Gotthard railway.

Price: NZ$ 22.75

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NO63903 Chapel 'St. Nepomuk' (N)

The small, but very refined and detailed Chapel »St. Nepomuk« finds a place everywhere. Whether in a small village, or at the edge of a hiking path in the mountains: the marvellous little church always shines! The Laser-Cut Kit includes a...

Price: NZ$ 21.90

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VO47704 Village Church (N)

A beautiful, village church.

Price: NZ$ 34.15

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