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Public buildings, Utilities & Monuments (HO)

FA120236 3 Transformer Stations (HO)

Period 3. (1946 - 1977) Three transformer stations in different sizes and shapes. For power supply in railway, industrial and commercial areas. This building kit contains: 35 single parts in 4 colours, 1 decoration and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ$ 29.90

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FA120241 Sub-station with power poles (HO)

Period 2 (1920 - 1945) Rural tower substation with small square base and wood siding at the gable, plain tile roof and lateral insulators to connect the aerial wires. Two pylons also form part of the kit.

Price: NZ$ 21.75

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FA120256 Recycling Depot. (HO)

Built: Period 4. (1978 - 1985). Timber shed and fencing with sliding gate. Handles all kinds of recyclable waste in various containers.

Price: NZ$ 22.90

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FA120258 - Vehicle Garage (Road Maintenance) (HO)

Built: Period 4 (1978 - 1986). A three-stall vehicle garage with garage doors (non-functioning). Extensive accessories included. This building kit contains: 169 single parts in 7 colours, window foil, 2 decorations and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ$ 20.50

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FA120261 - Old style electrical sub-station (HO)

Built: Period 3 (1946 - 1977) A relic of energy supply. Substation housed in a tower with a plain tile roof, rod insulators and their hook-shaped brackets. Grey rendering with a chipping part.

Price: NZ$ 18.60

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FA130131 Toilets in containers (HO)

Pre-coloured, plastic kitset. From Period 5 (1986 - 2006) Quickly installing portable toilet rooms in varying places. Rectangular profiled sheet steel container with reinforced corners and separate lavatories for ladies and gents.

Price: NZ$ 22.90
Product Available Date: 2018-07-24

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FA130150 Swimming pool complex (HO)

From period 5 (1986 - 2006). This modern, recreational swimming-pool with glass facade is flooded with light and has a roof with laminated timber beams in a wave pattern. The entrance area, the cubicles and showers are accommodated in a main...

Price: NZ$ 244.75

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FA130160 Modern fire station (HO)

Built: Period 5. (1986 - 2006) Signal-red fire station similar to the original built in Oberndorf on the Neckar, comprised of a two-storey front building with administrative and social rooms as well as an adjacent hall with four parking spaces for...

Price: NZ$ 139.50

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FA130161 Extra appliance garage (HO)

Built: Period 5. (1986 - 2006) A clear-layout building. A vehicle or storage hall of versatile use with two parking spaces and glazed folding doors nearly as high as the hall on the front, to be built open or closed.

Price: NZ$ 38.50

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FA130162 Older-style fire station (HO)

Built: Period 2. (1921 - 1945) That massive fire-engine house offers shelter to fire-fighting vehicles and appliances, but can also be used as repair shop. The facade made of natural stones clearly contrasts with three red folding doors with a...

Price: NZ$ 34.50

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FA130163 Central fire station (HO)

Built: Period 1. (1880 - 1920) Large two-storey fire station in imitation of the Fire Station West in Nuremberg, consisting of a transverse hipped roof building with hose drying tower made of masonry timber framework, and an adjoining...

Price: NZ$ 111.75

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FA130232 Ornamental Fountain (HO)

Built: Period 3 (1946 - 1977). An attractive centre of interest for a village square or a town circus. The fountain can operate with water pumped through by pump (FA180627) when a water tank is placed below the fountain. When no water is used the...

Price: NZ$ 21.90

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FA130245 Castle 'Lichtenstein' (HO)

Built: Pre-period 1 (1880 - 1920). Well-known model on the Swabian Mountains. A 40 mm high mountain is included in the construction kit as a platform. High above the Honau valley in the Swabian Mountains the impressive Castle Lichtenstein can be...

Price: NZ$ 53.50

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FA130268 Rural Fire Station (HO)

Built: Period 1 (1880 - 1920) With 2 opening doors, roof siren, hose drying tower and scaffolding. This building kit contains: 86 single parts in 6 colours, window parts and 1 construction instruction.

Price: NZ$ 35.90

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FA130285 Castle Tower Ruins (HO)

Built: Pre-period 1 (1880 - 1920) From the age of chivalry; the well preserved tower is used as an observation tower. Reasonably priced and easy-to-build model requiring little space. This building kit contains: 46 single parts in 4 colours...

Price: NZ$ 31.50

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FA130291 Castle Observation Tower. (HO)

Pre-decorated, plastic kitset. Built: Pre period 1 (1880 - 1920). which should be located outside of a town with its built-on kiosk as a place for excursions. Reasonably priced and easy-to-build model requiring little space. Particularly...

Price: NZ$ 24.25

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FA130336 Country Fire Station (HO)

With opening doors, hose tower and frame parts. Mixed materials: Coloured plastic, wood and specal cardboard parts. NEW ITEM!

Price: NZ$ 48.50

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FA130381 Wind powered generator (HO)

Built: Period 5 (1978 - 1985). with motor (12-16 V, AC voltage) and 3 propeller rotor. The original is located on the Black Forest overpass in the southern part of the Black Forest and was installed in 1996. Note: Can be built in 2 versions: with...

Price: NZ$ 58.90

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FA130400 Historical town gate (HO)

Built: Prior to period 1 (1880 - 1920) A medieval background. Faithful reproduction of the Swords Tower in Rothenburg on the Tauber with adjacent town wall, wooden stairs and parapet walk of the fortification. The imposing Swords Tower with the...

Price: NZ$ 53.75

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FA130401 Town Wall Set. (HO)

Built: Pre period 1 (1880 - 1920) A large number of elements, in one package.

Price: NZ$ 155.50

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FA130402 Old-town Tower House (HO)

Period 1.(1880 - 1920) With integrated stairway and a small, half-timbered townhouse. This building kit contains: 99 single parts in 6 colours, window foil, 1 paper mask and 1 construction instruction. Such Mediaeval fortifications are still in...

Price: NZ$ 40.50

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FA130403 Old-town Peel Towers (HO)

Built: Pre-period 1 (1880 - 1920). To be used as ends for linking defensive wall sections. Each with defence towers, one with 45° and one with 90°. Peel towers contained bells to warn the citizens of an impending attack on their city. These...

Price: NZ$ 40.50

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FA130404 Old-town Wall (HO)

Built: Pre-period 1 (1880 - 1920) With arches and roofed battlements. To be used for wall extension. It can also be used together with peel towers and for extension of FA130401, old-town wall set. Can also be used with items FA130402 and...

Price: NZ$ 31.90

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FA130406 City Gate with Gatehouse (HO)

Built: Pre period 1 (1880 - 1920). Town gate with mounted house on one side and an Old Town wall section on the other side. Ideal supplement to the town wall programme. Suitable as a Car System vehicle thoroughfare. This building kit contains:...

Price: NZ$ 47.25

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