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N CarSystem

FA161349 CarSystem PC Standard Module

The latest generation of microprocessor controlled charging stations reliably charges all analog or digital Car System vehicles equipped with Li-ion or NiMH batteries. The digital vehicles’ basic light and sound functions can be switched on and off...

Price: NZ$ 147.50

Product details

FA161351 CarSystem PC Standard Module

The standard module (PC-interface) allows controlling the Car System via a PC. With the assistance of the software, actions can be controlled, the modules configured and activated accordingly. Also ideal for upgrading an existing system and its...

Price: NZ$ 290.00

Product details

FA161352 Car System PC Digital Expansion Module

The expansion unit is connected to the standard module (interface) via LogoNet in order to have more space for inlets and outlets of more complex systems for stop points, forks, traffic lights, illuminations, sensors and parking spaces. Several...

Price: NZ$ 187.50

Product details

FA161651 Traffic Control (HO & N)

The new traffic control. Able to reproduce practically any conceivable traffic situation on a model installation. 8 inputs and 8 outputs. Comes with detailed instructions. 12-16 V AC/DC.

Price: NZ$ 118.00

Product details

FA161654 Traffic Light Control (HO & N)

The Traffic light control permits the allocation of sequences of operation of traffic lights installed at a cross-roads. For up to 5 traffic lights (15 LEDs). Power supply through FA161651.

Price: NZ$ 95.80

Product details

FA161669 Groove Cutter. (HO) (N)

A special tool designed expressly for laying the contact wire in the Faller car system. Detailed instructions enclosed.

Price: NZ$ 177.00

Product details

FA161674 Parking Space Unit. (HO) (N)

For permanent stopping of cars on car parking areas. The storage battery in the car will be re-activated by the magnetic field of the coil. Connection 12-16V ac.

Price: NZ$ 31.50

Product details

FA161675 Stop Section (HO), (N)

The accumulator voltage is interrupted via a reed switch in the vehicle by means of the magnetic field of the electric coil. This is useful for creating a distance between vehicles. Position the device so that vehicles stop at pedestrian crossings...

Price: NZ$ 29.50

Product details

FA161677 Branch-off junction - R or L (HO) (N)

The steering magnet in the vehicle is diverted by the active magnetic field. Electrically operated, right or left.

Price: NZ$ 31.90

Product details

FA161678 Car System Distance Control (HO) (N)

For smoothing traffic flow on your model.

Price: NZ$ 33.50

Product details

FA161690 Storage Battery Charger Unit (HO) (N)

Suitable for recharging batteries in the car system vehicles. Always useful to have a spare battery charger! These chargers plug straight in to the batteries on the vehicles.

Price: NZ$ 31.90

Product details

FA161772 Traffic control Unit (HO) & (N)

This is the electronic control system used in items # FA161671 and FA161673., but which is able to be purchased separately. It allows control of additional sequences by using sensors (# FA161773)

Price: NZ$ 51.00

Product details

FA161773 3 Control Sensors (HO) & (N)

Designed for the control of stop points, branch-off junctions, etc. They are activated by additional magnets fitted to the bottom of vehicles. Connection to Traffic-Control (art. 161651). Max. switching power 5 W Max. switched current 200 mA

Price: NZ$ 30.50

Product details

FA162004 Car System Start-set. Bus (N)

Rietz Bus Epoch V NEW ITEM 2010.

Price: NZ$ 167.00

Product details

FA162006 Car System Tour Coach (Reitze) (N)

Built: Period 4 (1978 - 1985). Vehicle’s Technical Details • Powerful, wear-resistant motor • Solid rubber tires • Vehicle comes with integrated battery • Multiple hours of run-time per battery charge • Integrated charging jack • Use chargers...

Price: NZ$ 167.00

Product details

FA162007 S/Set Dachser Truck (HO)

Period 4 (1978 - 1985). Also available, the Dachser Logistics Centre FA130986.

Price: NZ$ 208.00

Product details

FA162008 Car System MB0302 Post bus (N)

Package contents: • MB O302 »Post bus« (WIKING) • Storage battery charger • Special guide wire 10 m • Roadway knifing filler • Roadway paint • Roadway markings • Crash barriers • Barrier stakes • Detailed assembly instructions

Price: NZ$ 201.00

Product details

FA162048 Car System LKW MB SK Truck (N)

Period 4.(1978 - 1985). MB Van. Vehicle’s Technical Details • Powerful, wear-resistant motor • Solid rubber tires • Vehicle comes with integrated battery • Multiple hours of run-time per battery charge • Integrated charging jack • Use...

Price: NZ$ 144.00

Product details

FA162051 CarSystem LKW MB SK Truck 'Schenker' (N)

Period 3 (1946 - 1977). LKW Mercedes Benz truck with canopy (Wiking). Vehicle’s Technical Details • Powerful, wear-resistant motor • Solid rubber tires • Vehicle comes with integrated battery • Multiple hours of run-time per battery charge •...

Price: NZ$ 162.00

Product details

FA162052 CarSystem MB SK Platform/Tarpaulin (N)

Period 5 (1986 - 2006). A Mercedes Benz of the »heavy class«. The SK series was produced between 1989 and 1998, then replaced by the Actros. The model has a yellow platform and a grey tarpaulin. Model by Wiking. You can purchase spare parts...

Price: NZ$ 160.00

Product details

FA162055 2 Traffic Lights with Switch. (N)

The micro-processor contolled electronics can operate 4 traffic lights.

Price: NZ$ 70.00

Product details

FA162056 2 Traffic lights with stop sections.

Designed for use in conjunction with the Traffic-Light Control (art. 161654). (16 V, AC voltage)

Price: NZ$ 65.00

Product details

FA162057 Car System Bus Stop (N)

Everything needed to build an operational bus stop. (epoch IV).

Price: NZ$ 145.00

Product details

FA162060 Car System 2 LED traffic lights with electronics (N)

Two traffic lights with LED signals in the colours green, yellow and red. Equally suitable for Car System and Car System Digital. By connecting them to the control unit »Traffic Light Control« Art. 161654 they help represent the international signal...

Price: NZ$ 57.00

Product details

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