VI2610 Robel track vehicle (HO)

Two-rail version.
The Robel track motor car is a sophisticated piece of working equipment, which - due to its considerable pulling power - may well be used for transfer runs to remote rail customers. Available functions. The Robel track motor car is equipped with the following: - Running forward / reverse (digital, analogue), - RailCom capable digital decoder for DCC / MM and analogue operation, - Functions can be separately switched in digital mode,- Lighting functions: Directional headlights (three white headlights) / red tail lights, yellow warning beacon as well as white cab lighting, - Sound module generating various operating sounds, - Pivoting coupler pockets as per NEM 362 at both ends. Couplers are not mounted ex works. - Load compensation in running mode (digital), - Prototypical maximum speed even in analogue mode due to automatic adaptation to excessive supply voltage, - Supporting RailCom datagram command confirmations, CV content, address broadcast. With close-coupling kinematics and attached coupler.
Sales price NZ$ 385.00
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Length over buffers 134 x W 36 x H 48 mm   

Units in box: 1