VI2316 Low side car, yellow, with drive unit (HO)

Three-rail version.
The patented flat drive unit, similar to the one used in the Robel, is a perfect fit for the flat construction of this wagon. With its finetuned movement and sound, digital or analogue, this model can fulfill the wishes of many enthusiasts. A sound module providing different sounds and noises is included, and is configurable for a typical diesel or steam locomotive. RailCom capable digital decoder for DCC/MM and analogue operation, with integrated emergency power supply for rail segments with poor contact. Socket for rear lights or other switchable functions are available at both ends. Functions in analogue mode: driving forward/reverse, sound active (type and volume configurable via CVs), light outputs active. Functions in digital mode: driving forward/reverse, functions can be separately switched: sound (type and volume configurable via CVs), signal horn, lights. Sockets for NEM 362 couplers available at both ends. One rear light included.
Sales price NZ$ 357.90
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Length over buffer 168 x W 35 x H 20 mm. New item 2016

Units in box: 1